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Best Truck Insurance in Downey, California

Rapid Document Insurance Agency, a Truck Insurance specialist in Downey CA, offers a comprehensive range of insurance coverage for trucks and trailers including:

Primary Liability

Liability claims for physical injuries and damage to other people arising from truck accidents can not only be disruptive to your business’ operations but can also deplete your company’s financial resources.

With Primary Liability Insurance coverage, you are financially protected against liability claims in the event your trucks and vehicles figure in an accident. State and federal agencies require this particular coverage for all commercial vehicles.

General Liability

General liability insurances help you cushion your business against the damage, or the potential therein, posed by third party claims such as bodily injuries, related medical costs and damage to another’s property.

General Liability Insurance encompasses not only liability arising from truck accidents but also for injuries and property damage sustained by others while using your products or services, or while they are within your company premises. Among others, it can also include coverage for professional liability, for injuries and damage as a result of pollution and environmental hazards, and legal liability claims arising from a breach of contract.

Physical Damage

Keep your business and vehicles protected against property damage with Physical Damage Insurance coverage.

Also known as Collision coverage, this type of insurance covers your trucks and trailers against property damage in the event of collision, fire, explosion, theft, earthquake, flood, windstorm, vandalism and other perils. The policy pays for damage repairs or replacement of your vehicle if lost or stolen. It may also include cover for damage of personal property which are kept in the truck, towing services for the damaged vehicle, resulting business interruption losses, among others.

Motor Truck Cargo

Transporters become responsible for the freight once control over the cargo or commodity has been turned over to them. But with Motor Truck Cargo insurance, transporters get the needed protection in the event of damage or loss of the freight.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance is designed specifically to cover transporters for damaged or lost freight. The policy provides for a maximum load limit per truck or trailer with premiums based on the type of cargo hauled or transported.

Trailer Interchange

Truckers secure themselves against financial liability for damage to, or loss of, non-owned trailers and equipment which are covered with trailer interchange agreement with Trailer Interchange Insurance.

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