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Can You Trust Your Planned Physical Damage Insurance?


As a truck insurance specialist in Downey, California, Rapid Document Insurance Agency has intimate knowledge of the concerns that plague truckers. If you have chosen to avail of physical damage insurance, good on you! But are you sure you can count on it when something serious happens to your truck?

The reason why physical damage insurance matters, is because owning or leasing a truck is a huge investment. When it gets damaged or totaled, the last thing you want is to permanently lose any assets to get it repaired or cover your losses. This form of truck insurance in California serves as a fall-back to ensure you don’t lose your business for good.

Most physical damage plans come in the form of collision insurance, which covers damage or loss caused by crashing into another vehicle or object, an overturn, or a roll. If your truck gets totaled, it can pay you the estimated current cash value to replace it (less your deductible).

Collision coverage can be pricier and has a considerable impact on insurance costs because of how likely the loss it accounts for can happen. However, it doesn’t really account for damage caused by anything other than collisions or overturns. After all, theft, roadkill, fire, and bad weather also threaten the security of trucks.

You would want your physical damage insurance plan to cover these, as well, while still giving you more room for your budget. Fortunately, our plans fit those needs. We offer comprehensive coverage plans that offer way more coverage than your average collision insurance.

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