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What Happens When Goods Get Damaged Under Your Care?


When you’re a trucking company, you bear the responsibility of ensuring that the items you’re shipping are kept safe and free from damage the entire time. Of course, truckers like your business are experienced in taking care of a variety of freight, including fragile items.

The question is, however, what happens when you encounter a problem that inadvertently damages some or even all of the goods that you’re transporting?

That’s where truck insurance in Downey, California comes in handy. There’s a specific coverage or policy called motor truck cargo insurance, which protects your business from financial losses in case of a serious accident that results in damage.

If one of your fleet members encounters such an accident, you can call your truck insurance specialist to discuss coverage and reimbursement of the damaged goods’ total value. By principle, your company is liable to pay for the damages but, with motor truck cargo insurance, your insurer will pay for that on your behalf.

In addition to reimbursing damages, the policy also covers theft. If you lose a parcel or two while en route to the consignee, you could ask your truck insurance agency in California to pay your customers for the stolen goods as well.

Protect your company from financial damages caused by factors beyond your control. Contact us at Rapid Document Insurance Agency now.

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