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Winter Driving Safety Reminders

Winter Driving Safety Reminders

The winter driving season fast approaching, thus, it’s time to ensure that you, your vehicles, and your drivers are well-equipped to safely navigate the icy conditions.

Rapid Document Insurance Agency is here to offer the following recommendations and reminders for you and your team.

  • Stay on top of weather reports and news. This is especially important for long-distance driving. If you see a storm approaching, don’t risk yourself and your parcel — cancel the journey if possible.
  • Be prepared for delayed departures and travel. Poor weather conditions are dangerous but if you must travel regardless, make sure to share itineraries (destination, route, ETA, and contacts) with your team.
  • Make sure windshields are free from ice and snow. You need good vision to make sure you don’t get into any unwanted accidents.
  • Refrain from accelerating while driving on an icy road. This increases your risk of experiencing a spin-out.
  • Lastly, make sure you have Truck Insurance in Downey, California. This is a cost-effective way to protect not just your truck but also the parcel contained inside your vehicles.

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