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What Are Surety Bonds?

If you’re a carrier, you’re certainly familiar with bond-secured shipments. These are shipments that come with a bond, or an agreement that you’ll reimburse the shipper for a certain amount in the event that something untoward happens to the parcels … Continue reading

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Factors Affecting Premium Payments

Starting your business can get complicated. You need to prepare a lot of paperwork, submit necessary documents, and pay for anything required. Insurance is just one aspect of any business. More especially for trucking and cargo, insurance can help you … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Preventive Maintenance Plan for Your Vehicles?

Breakdowns are an unfortunate reality most businesses have to face some time or another and it can be very costly. When such things occur, you won’t only have to worry about the repairs, maintenance, or paying for replacement parts — … Continue reading

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Winter Driving Safety Reminders

The winter driving season fast approaching, thus, it’s time to ensure that you, your vehicles, and your drivers are well-equipped to safely navigate the icy conditions. Rapid Document Insurance Agency is here to offer the following recommendations and reminders for … Continue reading

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Why You Need Commercial Truck Insurance

Regardless of your business prowess, there is no way of predicting what mishaps your trucking business will face in the future. The best way you can protect yourself, your employees, and your business is to approach a truck insurance specialist in … Continue reading

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